The online sex club: Omgcafe Instant Unmoderated Anonymous Cam Chat: No Registration or Membership

omgcafe faq page

A collection of the most frequently emailed and asked questions about this website.

Q. What do you mean by privacy?
A. Privacy means that someone cannot see what you type in a chat room. The chat and web pages
are secure. Government, police, or other people in a cafe or your house can't read your chats. 
While anyone can read the chat output, all communication here is encrypted over https. 
There is no way to associate you with any chat.
While it can theoretically be established that someone at your IP address connected to
this service, none of your chat activity can be associated with any IP address.

Q. I want to have a profile and identity. Why can't I do this?
A. We won't do this. We cannot log chats, except for the bit of actual text we stick at the 
bottom of some pages. We don't know any IP addresses that connect to our chat.
We don't know anything about you, and want it that way. 

Q. Why doesn't my username go on my video box username?
A. We could do this, but we want to be sure that YOU want to do that. If you look at how
the Start show system works, you see we could do it. We just want it as anonymous as possible here.

Q. Is the site secure?
A. Yes. As of August 7, 2014, OMGCafe runs over HTTPS. As of August 24th, 2014, the entire site is forced secure. 
This protects your privacy by encrypting your connection from any location, verifying the site
to your device or browser, and confirming that the site is what we say it is.

Q. Where are the women/girls/thing that I am interested in?
A. There are women here ALL THE TIME. Girls are different than boys. Women "lurk" a lot. 
If they like what they see, they'll join in. You can go to cam4 or myfreecams if you want to 
watch hookers get paid.
Bro tip: Women like it when you make an effort. Pro tip: No dicks, no chicks.
The more relaxed and hot a room seems the better, for everyone.
Yelling orders at people or asking someone to show their stuff is NOT COOL.

Q. How can I watch cams on my Android phone or tablet?
A. Install the flash app for Android.

Q. Can I watch shows on my iPhone or iPad?
A. Get the Puffin browser. Works perfect.

Q. How can I watch movies and shows on my Android or tablet?
A. Install the latest Firefox and it will let you view with video player. You just need to click the Android link.

Q. What are those numbers beside the room names?
A. They are the number of people watching/participating. 

Q. Why aren't there 16 cams on in the room? Why can't I see something/anything/everything?
A. Android phone and tablet users can see, but not show (if they have flash). 
Ipad users without Puffin can only do text. Laptop/desktop pc and mac people have to allow cam
if they want to be seen. Not everyone does and that's okay. 

Q. What's a private room?
A. It works the same as the other rooms, but doesn't show in the listings. 
Which means YOU need to share it with other people if you actually want to use it.
Pro tip: Create a private room that is the same as your user123456 name, and your friends can find it by putting
You're welcome.

Q. What's a user created room?
A. These work the same as the regular pre-made rooms, except YOU get to name the room, and get it listed on the site. These can get quite busy.

Q. What's a show?
A. These work differently. You stream your cam to the room, and host a text chat. 
Only you can be seen. Like cam4 but without the bullshit. 

Q. What's your skype ID or Twitter handle?
A. Anyone that wants you to have their skype ID or Twitter will put it in their headline. Don't be a pest, and respect this basic etiquette rule.
Generally people are here BECAUSE it's anonymous and they don't need to
share anything to get sexually connected. Deal with it.
Trolling for skype is not cool here.

Q. Why don't you have membership and registration?
A. We actually don't care who you are. Sorry. We also want to always promote
anonymity and untraceability. People can be free here and that's the point.

Q. Why don't you have a lot of advertising?
A. Most adult ad networks pay garbage, but we are currently hoping to build traffic to get another
network to use the site.

Q. Can I host an omgcafe chat room on my website?
A. Yes and no. You can't unless we allow it. Please, see our webmasters page. If you are a sex worker, you can buy a private room if you want to promote your site. 

Q. I'm a sex addict. Your site is not helping me.
A. Sorry about that.

Q. I'm a sex addict. Your site is the greatest thing in the world.
A. Thanks. Tell all your friends.

Q. Why do I see a bunch of blank boxes, instead of live cams?
A. A busy room sends a LOT of streams to you. You need a good internet connection.
If there are a bunch of cams that haven't gone live yet, they are blank. 

Q. How accurate are the counts for the rooms?
A. Pretty good. They update once a minute, but, they are sometimes broken. If there is a lot of site churn, with people flipping around, and not sticking with a room, it fluctuates. 

Q. Why do you have a video playback room?
A. Most cam sites are polluted by "fake" cams and "ewhores", with people using cam splitters to show recordings of girls, pretending they are 
real. This is total bullshit as far as we are concerned, so we have a dedicated room for playing recorded video, or
whatever. IT IS OKAY TO PLAY VIDEOS in this room. You can only E-Whore in this one room. DO NOT E-WHORE anywhere else on the site. 
Videos are also okay in private, or if you make a public room that CLEARLY says you are doing video.
Do not complain about this, it keeps fakes in one place!

Q. How can I tell if a cam is a video/e-whore?
A. It's pretty easy. Not everyone wants to interact, wave, give thumbs etc., but you can tell if the cam video goes 
blocky everywhere there is movement. Live cams are pretty good quality, and only go blurry with action, not blocky in areas like a video. You should teach
yourself to recognize a video. Videos belong in the videoplayback room, end of story. The live rooms are for people
looking for hassle free, casual c2c cyber, end of story.
Please report videos to us.

Q. Some guy is killing the room by asking every girl to add him to skype, or is pestering everyone on mic. What can I do?
A. Nothing. He's a fucking troll. Let him kill the room. Everyone will leave and go somewhere else. No one has time to police
douchebags anyway. Basically, this place is for group sex chat with no strings attached. If you want dating, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Women that play here already have their
choice of playmates on Skype. They are here for ANONYMOUS cam play. 

Q. Thanks for adding a gay category?
A. If you actually observe behaviour on this site, you learn a lot about people. There is very little use in categorizing anything. People will congregate whereever they like, and will figure out the energy in a room. 
The room labels exist mostly as a starting place, and so that there is a way for people to refer to things. We don't want anyone judging or categorizing here. Be yourself, be cool, and have fun.

Q. Why does this site exist?
A. We started a video conference app. No one cared. Except every now and then, people would get together for group sex - guess that's what people do...
So we thought, why fight it? Here we are. 

Q. Can you explain the cam controls for my box?
A. You can select camera (some people have two). You can select quality. Please note, if you select Quality > Bandwidth, 
your cam will send everything your network connection can take to us, and we will send it to your viewers. This is a good
choice for video players. If you have an HD cam and good internet, you'll look fucking spectacular with this setting.
The audio settings usually don't need to be touched. We implemented push to talk (using the spacebar) so that we didn't
get a lot of feedback from speakers. It can be fun to use the mic.
Mostly, the mic is annoying though.

Q. What the hell are you trying to do?
A. Dunno. Make a sexual utopia. End pornography, get people together. Use technology differently. 

Q. Why did you bring dedicated text chat?
A. Our text chat is different. It's decoupled from the video system. 
It allows ipad and phone users to talk.
It keeps the video system unburdened by another system.
It's fast and anonymous, which is what we always want here.
Note: Using the text chat for facebook type chit-chat is not cool.
Don't get personal. The site is anonymous. Click our ads if you want dating.
Anything non-sexual is OFF TOPIC. Keep everything here ABOUT SEX.

Q. Why don't you have a currency system and models?
A. We're not pimps and you're not a hooker, so fuck that. 
If this site can sustain itself with a casual, free system, it's something worth doing. 
We don't care about tokens and tipping. Enabling prostitution is a fine business for someone else, not us.
If someone can spend a few minutes here and feel good, maybe the world is a better place. The world doesn't need more
pimps and whores. The world needs more freedom and privacy.

Q. I really like the site. How can I help?
A. The main thing is to keep the rooms fun and casual and cool. 
Encouraging freedom, creativity and anonymity is the best thing.

Q. Are you going to have an iPad version?
A. No. It's a flash app. If you can afford an iPad or an iPhone, you can afford a webcam, and can stick it in a computer somewhere in front of your naked body. 
We do know the site works well with a RIM Playbook. 
We have seen the Puffin browser work on iPad and iPhone. Use it, it will grab cam.
You can install flash for your android and watch on Firefox, but it won't grab the camera so you can't join in unfortunately.

Q. Why no sound?
A. Because random people are usually obnoxious. There is sound in private rooms, where the people are presumably less random. There is sound in the adult room, which is probably a bad idea.