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00:11:19: z: test
00:11:34: Crusty:
00:12:00: z: what's going on down there man, your dick is below your balls?
00:12:11: Crusty: just for fun
00:12:29: Crusty: conversational
00:12:35: z: haha cool
11:51:49: roy: hello
21:42:06: rajee: hi
21:43:15: rajee: r u there
21:52:00: voyer: no women ?
21:52:55: voyer: pleanty lookin, no one showing
17:03:17: pp:
17:03:43: pp: hi
17:05:08: bb: hi are you all shy
17:07:10: GregL: No tits,no cocks,no fanny.
17:07:29: pp: well, where a the couples?
17:08:50: GregL: might get my cock out,any ladies want to watch me jerk off.
11:40:10: j: any cpls to watch n jerk to
12:09:12: karta: hello
12:27:46: xxx: hi
12:27:57: xxx: any f?
13:24:09: jagima: hola
17:53:29: mark: hi
17:53:57: mark: i am horny any girls want to chat
20:26:13: xxx: hi
20:29:54: dan: lovely box
20:30:18: dan: sho tittys to lov
20:31:15: cc: thats it put the finger in
20:31:17: dan: is this video
20:31:59: dan: take pants off
20:32:36: dan: 031 wave if ur there
23:01:08: thickblackmeat: hi guys
23:01:19: thickblackmeat: view my cam
23:02:21: thickblackmeat: view my cam ladies
01:41:10: rancho: any wanna watch chessey tease vids from youtube?
06:26:38: hotboy: hy hot lesadi
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