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Aug 25, 2015
I hate censorship. I hate to ban people. 
But I hate people who post pedo shit in the public rooms even more.
I do not know or care what happens in private rooms, but if you troll for kids in the public
rooms your IP address will be banned and retained for any law enforcement inquiry.
If you do this you are jeopardizing everyone's fun here and putting the site at risk, and that deserves a ban.
Aug 20, 2015
Ugh, the SSL certificate expired, so we were in error (we refuse connections that are insecure
on purpose). 
It's updated and we are back on.
Aug 19, 2015
New room creation is back on.
Why do you like this site? Every other site prioritizes civility, commercialism, user interface and 
copyright above individualism, freedom and choice. 
Can we see a day without porn? Where people end it and just interact?
The design here wants to defeat control. Stop censorship. Create inclusion and personality. 
End pornography.
We try.
Aug 18, 2015
No "new rooms" for a while. Here's why.
You can say or do whatever you want, in an unlisted room.
But if a public room gets people coming to it, and it's stuff that shouldn't be in a public room,
it's not cool.
I'll probably enable it again tomorrow.
Have fun, be cool :)
Aug 4, 2015
More analytics. Still getting 12% women visitors. Women spend an average of 5 minutes on the site, about the same as men, there just aren't as many of them, so the more happening, the better...
We are getting more pics and vids uploaded. If you want your pic to be used please say so in your upload description, or just email it to -- and speaking of which, if you are emailing using the contact form, you need to provide your email address if you want a reply. 
If you are reporting that someone is underage remember that we do not know your email address. People often "fake" that they are underage. Annoying. We appreciate getting reports, and we have been able to block access from several obviously underage people.
July 28, 2015
I put audio back on for the adult room. We'll see if people actually act like adults. To use it, hold down the space bar. 
July 25, 2015
We put analytics back on about two weeks ago - 12% of site visitors are female.
Top countries in order are US, UK, DE, CA, IN.
Phones and tablets are 20% of traffic. Only Windows and Playbook tablet users stay long enough to
show on cam (those devices support flash).
July 21, 2015
Someone asked about embedding the porn uploads on other sites. Maybe... if enough of you want it.
July 19, 2015
Hi. If you are going to email a question, I can't answer you unless you put your email.
Otherwise, we'll stick it on the FAQ page.

Check out the chat site review of the site on chatreviews! We are the true underground sex site. Nice that these guys "get" us.

July 13, 2015 Going to try to get some ads, so google analytics code is back on. June 28, 2015 Just a quick word to thank those of you who alerted us to some porn videos that were uploaded here. Since the participants did appear to be underage we have taken them down. Remember if you want a reply from the contact form you need to include your email address. Otherwise, we'll assume you want to be anonymous. Which is probably why you're here. June 22, 2015 Added chat log to the adult room, which seems a bit more popular due to its location. Trying out the status line in the page description there. Let's see if that does anything... Be cool, have fun... June 19, 2015 Keeping the lights on for you. OMGCAFE seems slightly busier. Please cam up if you are on a laptop or desktop, even if you don't want to show. It makes everyone feel like something sexy is happening... Keep on fucking each other... June 14, 2015 Site is back to fully secure, as the advertisers have bailed on us. We'll keep the lights on as long as we can, and look for something else. You can do whatever you fucking want, as usual. May 25, 2015 Site is running pretty good. Movies are getting spammed so if you are uploading have patience. April 8, 2015 I'm going to work on letting you record yourself here, so you can post videos easily and anonymously. You just keep doing what you're doing. You're awesome. -A April 1, 2015 Dear fuckers. Back to plain text for the main pages. The ad networks simply cannot handle https yet. Which means no dollars. So, we are back to showing ads. And keeping the fucking lights on for you. The chats are all still https however. So you can still say and do whatever the fuck you want. Mar 21, 2015 Increased crypto strength on the server. You'll thank me one day. Mar 5, 2015 Now showing timestamps on chats. Someone wanted it. Everything is relative to internet time. Google it. If it confuses people I'll get rid of it. Mar 4, 2015 We lost ads, but they are slowly coming back. It is to do with the security. Ads won't display unless they are https, and there are not many https ad networks. Jan 28, 2015 Disks are now all fixed. Keep on fucking, fuckers. Jan 20, 2015 There are lots of new people coming. Some help... Messages like 'any girls', 'any guys', or 'anyone here?' are not necessary. It's obvious when things are happening, otherwise, hang around and see what happens. Guys are usually nude and hard here, that's what they do. If you are uncomfortable with this, and it's not your thing, go somewhere else. Please, ignore trolls and haters. If you are interested in something specific, make a public room with a useful name and communicate with people about it. Have fun, be creative. Jan 19, 2015 Site really broke. We lost a drive, and had to rebuild some stuff. Long and uninteresting story. Site is back, and I apologize for the lack of online sex. Please resume your normal acts of depravity and lust. Jan 8, 2015 Briefly, took out the chat logs. People seem to like them, so they are back. Dec 28, 2014 Broke text chat. Fixed it. I fucked up the jquery that it uses. Sorry about that. Movies page has been improved. Better video player, and better display of the new pornos you are uploading, and that we are adding ourselves. Possibility to make the movies page the actual home page, with the chat rooms still as links for everyone wanting to get it on together. Dec 23, 2014 Fixed an issue where some rooms dropped your stream if you sent more than a 1 meg stream. Should be a lot better for those of you with better internet and cams. Added the version that has "push to talk" audio to the private rooms. Hit that spacebar if you want to talk. It's an older version so it might not be as good. Added a "sex" room. Because, you know, sex is why you're here. Same good end to end chat security. No link here. Find it anywhere else on the site, you lazy fuckers. Tech note: jquery updated, and served securely from here. Also. No santa hats on anything here. Cannot do it. Cannot... Dec 15, 2014 All the tracking code is stripped out. If you notice I missed anything, email me about it. There are now no cookies at all from and this removes a common identity analysis tool. You will also notice that we do not connect with or associate with facebook at all. They are the worst. But not sending anything to google is also a good idea for privacy. This is now the ONLY chat site that is all encrypted https and that has NO cookies. As well we have our famous no identity, no profile policy. Dec 14, 2014 I have started removing ALL google tracking from the site, the latest steps we are taking to confirm privacy. There will be NO COOKIES AT ALL once this is complete. This will prevent any tracking at all. Enjoy, and have your fun. Dec 8, 2014 Sorry that the women room broke today. Remember, you can always just make your own room. The re-organized show page is better. Hopefully we can get more one person shows going. Any suggestions, email me. Dec 6, 2014 I'm starting again with the movie and show section. I broke shows, and it's fixed now. People will see your screenshots on the front page and all the chat and counters work. I'm not going to bother posting recordings, but if people want it, they can ask me. Uploading is the way to go if you really want to share something with the world. Have fun without your clothes on, everyone. Dec 3, 2014 The room counts are now updating properly again for the main rooms. Yes, I broke them. Now, they are fixed, so you can get a better idea of what is going on when the site is busy. Nov 27, 2014 I'm updating the FAQ. Which means I get to update the blog. Basically I'm adding some stuff explaining the perfect anonymity here, and the privacy and freedom that it provides. Meantime, you can resume jacking and jilling. Nov 25, 2014 I hate having to put any restrictions on what people can do. There are huge creative possibilities here. Lack of identity and traceability frees you to explore in new ways. The obscurity and anonymity here is the glue that brings people together. Freedom is the commerce here. It also means sometimes people can create inappropriate room names, and so I have put a filter on these. It's just not cool to have certain words showing up on the site, and so anything like this will go to the 2257 page. This filter is a blanket restriction, even on private room creation. If you want to complain or chime in, use the omgcafe sub-reddit Keep on keeping on fuckers. Nov 23, 2014 Not much to say except well done to all the fuckers. Busy rooms full of nude chatters means we are doing something right. Haven't had any feature requests, so I'll try and think of something cool this week. Have fun, enjoy. Nov 12, 2014 Forgot about the Male themed chats. Nov 5, 2014 Started listings of all the rooms we've ever had. They are still there, and might as well collect them. So far, I have female themed chats and fetish themed chats. Nov 4, 2014 Fixed the fucking show display on the front page. Go ahead and show your junk. A word about "profiles". We don't have any, and so we can't store anything about you. We allow google to pull data about visitors so we can make ad money, and so the site can get found. All google knows it that you visited an https site. What happens here, only happens here. We don't log anything. The little chat log we show is just a bunch of text on a page. It's pulled from the chat room by a robot every couple of minutes. There is no actual log. I wouldn't want the damn thing anyway. We don't timestamp anything, and we cannot associate your made up name with anything. We keep the video usernames random. If you want to just be a video box, that's cool. This lack of identity is deliberate. Anonymity and privacy are the basis of freedom of any kind. You are here because you are free. That's what we're all about. Nov 1, 2014 Since shows become movies now, I figured we should actually let people upload stuff. Uploading is live on the site now. Video files will take about 5 minutes to start working. I'll try and get this shorter, but I wanted to get the new part of the site up. It creates a show theatre, and plays your porn. It's got the shared chat. Sorry for breaking the rooms earlier. Had to do some upgrades which made for some breakage. Oct 20, 2014 Shows are automated to video. Exhibitionists should love this feature. Takes about an hour to go from live to the recording. Enjoy. Working on movie uploading as well. Coming soon. I've reduced the number of rooms we show. We are hoping to get more user-created rooms. And so have some fun. Oct 6, 2014 I'm still not automating shows to video. Doesn't seem that important, as people seem to like the group rooms more. If anyone wants to let me know about something they want, please email us at Oct 2, 2014 Sound works on nicemovies. Now I remember why I didn't care that it didn't work... Hope you like. Sept 18, 2014 Well, that didn't work out... back to changing things. User created public rooms are now listed on the front page. Remember, the site is unmoderated and anonymous. Private rooms are always hidden, that will never change. Shows are now available later if I think about it. I should try to automate that. Hope you are all having fun and being cool. Sept 9, 2014 Cam shows and rooms have been very hot lately. Going to keep the site stable for the next while and see if more people "come". Sept 5, 2014 People counts are installed for lesbian, lingerie and shaved rooms. Unfortunately, they are all '0'. Oh well. We're working on the movie section, so you can add your own porn, and also record your shows for later viewing. Aug 29, 2014 Lingerie room is back. Also, added a lesbian room, for the occasional gal who's looking for a gal, and a shaved room, in case you hairless types want to congregate on cam. Counters will be up in a couple of days. Have fun... Aug 26, 2014 Why run this sex chat site as secure over HTTPS? Privacy is important. We protect your privacy in important ways. It means your communication is never revealed to the world. What happens here, stays here. No one can listen in, whether you arrive from public wi-fi, your phone, or your home or work. Your chat is encrypted end to end. Additionally, the site is verified to your browser or device. No one can pretend to be - our servers are authenticated. The green lock in your browser window means you have a secure, encrypted connection to, that our site has not been tampered with, and that our site cannot be impersonated. is secure by default. An insecure connection is no longer an option. Aug 25, 2014 Site is running full secure now. Ads are a bit inconsistent, but who cares. All traffic is forced over SSL now, and there is now no possibility of eavesdropping or surveillance. You're welcome. Privacy is important. Aug 21, 2014 So you know the cool status update that tells you how many people are in how many rooms? Well, we are now updating our twitter status with that cool thing, once an hour! Follow OMGCafe on Twitter. Aug 20, 2014 The site is now fully functional over ssl, private rooms, public rooms, chats, movie chats, and the main rooms. Once the ad network converts over, I will force all traffic secure, but for now, it's there for you. Aug 19, 2014 Still working on getting the chats to all run securely. The women chat was pretty broken last week, sorry. I'll have an update tomorrow on the chat security. Once it is done, it will make it impossible to intercept your communication on the site, even if you are on unsecured wireless or any kind of shared system. The more anonymous this site is, the better. Aug 7, 2014 I have the site working securely. Anyone who wants to can now use HTTPS to access omgcafe. I still need to get the chats running securely and then I'll force it all over https. Going to be fun trying to get the ad guys to do it too, but I care more about security and privacy than advertising. Keep on keeping on, fuckers. July 22, 2014 I'd like to thank whoever it is who is playing all the videos. Restreaming cam girls is a nice comment on the other pay to chat sites. I haven't had anyone complain to me about it, so I will keep allowing it. Honestly, who is to say what is a video any more? People still seem to enjoy the actual exhibitionism more than ever here, so we must be doing something right. Have fun, be cool... July 14, 2014 I hope you are all enjoying yourselves. A few words about entertainment. People come here for fun and enjoyment. If you are new, you will typically wonder what the hell is going on here. Many new people ask where the cams are. You are missing the point. You are the cam. There is no "show" here. This site is NOT about being entertained, it is about anonymous connection, through live image and text exchange. There is a reason we are not a huge well known porn site. There is nothing resembling any other site here. Sure, there are some movies to watch. Sure, you can do a solo show. But the main point is anonymous connection to others, without exchanging personal information. So, understand, no one comes here to work. I'm genuinely sorry that so many new people seem to have this impression that there will be "performers" here. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, fuck that. No one will ever work here. The site is free, and will always be free. If there is sex, it is free. The alternatives are too numerous and depressing to mention. Here, nothing is provided but potential. Use it or lose it. Up to you. Have fun, be cool. July 7, 2014 I'm really pleased at how many people are taking advantage of the private rooms. You can tell this is going on by the number of users and rooms not matching the public count. Hope you are all having fun. Once again we have separated the indian sub-continent from the rest of the world for chat. It's just better that way for everyone... Have fun, be cool, and turn on your fucking cams! July 1, 2014 No joy. The ads sucked. Oh well, back to the only ones that work. You may now return to your anonymous online fucking activities. Remember, anything goes, and email me if you like or don't like it. June 25, 2014 Oh joy. We might be getting better ads. Live, nice hot ones. We can only hope. Remember. Anything goes. Really. Just have fun. Just have sex. June 20, 2014 A quick word about "moderation". I don't moderate the site. I do act on complaints, if you email me and if I can. I really don't care what happens in the rooms. You'll all sort yourselves out. I have no interest in attempting to control human behaviour. Quite the opposite, the site is ABOUT human behaviour. That said, I do care if I get emailed complaints about room names and behaviour. Such rooms will not be displayed. I'd like to thank the users that alerted me. Things are definitely busier, and with new people, new things happen. Welcome to all the new ladies, and have fun! June 18, 2014 So, you know I stopped restarting the rooms. Site blew up the past couple of days. Rooms went dead. So.... we'll go back to once a day restarts. Also. People are making, um, interesting room names. Names that are actually less than cool. So I'm not listing those names publically. You can still do whatever you want here, I'm not moderating anything. Just, not displaying everything. Last thing for today. There's so much spam on google if you search for "free sex chat". That's why we've been so quiet. Good sites are not getting shown. Complain to google. Use the send feedback link. Have fun, be cool. June 10, 2014 Site is running great these days. No more restarting any rooms. A few less shows, but rooms still get busy. Keep it up! A guy in one of our chat rooms said something interesting. "The site does nothing FOR you, but it changes your perspective". Adding your sexual energy to a room amplifies the vibration for everyone. Trolling and complaining does the same thing negatively. This is why women tend to have such a positive effect on rooms. They add their energy, and the men follow positively. As always, keep on keepin on... one hand at a time... A June 3, 2014 Finally, I figured out how to unfuck the ad display, so they don't fuck up the formatting of the pages. Should make the site nicer to navigate and let you do your one-handed typing... May 31, 2014 Lots of private room use lately which is good. Anything you wouldn't want in public is cool. Site is a lot less "facebook-like" these days. It's only for sex, not relationships or making friends. The more casual, laid back and anonymous it is, the better. Keep on enjoying the shared cam experience. This is the best group video chat for a reason. It works really well. May 26, 2014 Site is getting busier again. Remember to keep things ON TOPIC. The ONLY topic here is SEX and FUCKING. Working on getting login working for the text chat system. Have fun, everyone :) May 24, 2014 Pissing room is back. Hope that's okay. We are keeping all the rooms people create. You'll need to recreate the chat any time you go back on cam, but this way the theatre page is still there. Have fun, be cool. May 15, 2014 So I was bored, and added a milf room and a gay room. I think we have a lot of gay guys who'd like their own video room. Enjoy. Milfs, well, we all love 'em. Have fun. As always, keep it on topic. Sex only, naked only. April 18, 2014 Dear fucking people. THIS IS A SEX SITE. It is NOT for dating, relationships or gossip. If you just want to watch or lurk, then don't turn on your cam. No one cares about your day, or your opinion. Remember, if it's not about sex, it's OFF TOPIC. Please only show your dicks and pussies, and keep the chat ABOUT SEX. Thank you. April 15, 2014 Will whoever is streaming the nicemovies please take a bow. Well done! April 12, 2014 We continue to ban fakes, as a couple of users were not respecting the video room only policy on e-whore and video playback. This leads to a lot of action in the text chat room, and nothing on cam, which is not what the site is about. This is a WEBCAM site. If someone is claiming to be female and not have a cam, IT IS A SCAM. EVERYONE HAS A WEBCAM. Now, back to your usual depravity and filth. Thank you. April 7, 2014 Android people, you can now do a show. Click on Start Show. After you download the android app that lets you stream. You can't chat, but this might make your trips to the ladies room more interesting... Have fun, be cool ;) April 1, 2014 Trolls. They're everywhere. They are mean, jealous of our beautiful thing, and want to piss us off. The rule is, don't feed the trolls. If someone is trolling the chat, do not respond. Scroll down a little, and just use the video. If you don't give a troll attention, he'll go away. March 27, 2014 We have decided to let the nickname stealer / female impersonator back on the site. Remember, there's no chat admin, and no moderation. Be cool. Have a lot of fun. March 24, 2014 Nevermind. We figured out that the nickname stealer was actually a guy impersonating a woman, and he was creating additional distractions. Quite clever. He claimed to doubt that "she" was female, then used the fact that others came to "her" defense to bolster the claim "she" was real. All along, just using 2 browsers and a couple of short video clips, which would stop, with claims of bad internet. Listen. Doofuses. Just. Be. Yourself. It's all we ask here. You may all resume your orgiastic behavior. March 23, 2014 So, people are stealing nicknames. You have to stop being attached to a nickname. Your cam username is unique. You can use the "lurker" name to communicate. Trolls will only get so far with this activity. We will do our best to ban anyone who does this, but the best response is to use the site differently :) March 19, 2014 We are getting closer to having optional accounts that will get you ad-free access, as well as adding more content that we hope will make some money. As always, spread the word if you love it here. March 8, 2014 Restarts are down to once a day, at 9am UK time, 4am New York time. Rooms have been pretty stable even when they get busy. The restart notifier is back on to show you when this will happen. February 27, 2014 We have geographically separated indian visitors chat into the text room. It's better for everyone this way. Video chat is not affected by this change for now. Please report any issues to February 19, 2014 All live shows (h264 fmle) and movies work on phones and tablets now, android, ipad and iphone now. Just click the link under the movie box. February 17, 2014 The movie section now has a chat, so you can talk about what you are watching. Assuming you can type with one hand... We've completed our migration to "www" - hopefully google will notice soon. Have fun, and participate. The site is what YOU make it :) February 13, 2014 Webmaster link is up. Nice blog post about us. February 9, 2014 solo live shows work on ipad now if you stream with FMLE or xsplit all rooms get their own text chat now live shows have a bigger text chat public and private rooms get the normal video room text chat remember to let people know about us with a tweet or craiglist or forum post the site will go viral soon, and you will have been the first here :) January 25, 2014 solo show pages are working, but only for flash viewerss text chat is now getting shown on the main room pages (why not) restarts are being done much less frequently, hope you are enjoying the stability January 17, 2014 text chat seems okay, no complaints about it anyway we have solo show pages almost ready you will be able to show just yourself with a chat should be fun January 6, 2014 finally, we have a decent text chat ready it will launch tomorrow i wanted something that was NOT flash based, that was fast and that preserved anonymity we've reduced the preset rooms to concentrate people more in the popular ones anyway, look for the redesign with text chat tomorrow December 31, 2013 few more updates, specifically about the private and public rooms, and well, everything... for a long time, we've "restarted" the rooms, which basically stops everything every couple of hours and yes, this sucks, but it's kept things going, but we finally have a software update that *should* keep things running longer, and yes, it is live now on all rooms so, no more restarts for the time being now, what are the user created rooms? the public rooms get "listed" with "New!" in red beside them the private rooms DO NOT EVER get listed on the site so, ladies, creating a private room means NO ONE will see you, unless you give them the name of the private room, and this is probably not what you want unless you are already in contact with people who are "in the mood" as always, feedback is welcome December 24, 2013 user created rooms are now live hey enjoy more on this later there is a "most popular" counter for busiest user room of the month thinking of doing a contest where we pay out for the busiest room December 14, 2013 video server upgrades are almost ready, we're just working on getting room counts to work for user created rooms here's a fun fact over 17% of visitors to the site are women in case you have not noticed, women are different than men they watch a lot before they decide to join in so the more they see that they might like, the better it is for everyone December 2, 2013 expect video server upgrades in europe and the US this week as well as a faster web server. the site is getting busier. also, we will try to deal with the blank room problem, which is happening more when we get several ladies joining in the fun. November 27, 2013 new room is up, for trannies, lady boys, she males and cross dressers. enjoy! November 25, 2013 i've got the room restarts happening right at the 00 mark of the hour, so if you are used to them restarting at 4 minutes past, it's changed to be the top of the hour. this is every 2 hours now. plan for user rooms will take a little while, we need to figure out how to get the names and display them and the room counts. any suggestions, please email ... November 20, 2013 new plan is to have you guys create the room names, and just display the top ones in the room counts November 13, 2013 pretty shameless, couldn't think of a better thing to do than to put up a snapchat room just because i'm shameless have fun fuckers November 10, 2013 thinking of doing an HD room, with video that pulls the high quality stream. if you've ever used it, it really kills your internet connection, but for those of you on good lines it would really look good keep watching for an announcement, if i have time to work on the client i will do this November 9, 2013 site went screwy a couple of nights ago, so i've got a better failover in place if it happens again new thought about omgcafe: it's not a strip joint, it's an orgy. does anyone actually like these strip joint sites where it's a bunch of strippers pulling tokens from viewers in a text chat room? guess it works for somebody. well we're about fantasy here... November 4, 2013 i haven't had much to blog about, the site has been running well, with lots of video streams, and people in a good, horny mood... well, most of the time. still haven't heard many suggestions for new room names... i know that they all get hot at some point, but really, the only one i have noticed that gets used for its actual name is the tits room... anyway thanks for all the facebook likes, and keep it "coming" October 29, 2013 i had to ban someone today. i don't like doing it, but being judgemental is not cool. if you don't like what you see, go to another room, or another chat site we don't have models, period. if there isn't something for you here, STFU and go somewhere else everyone else is cool, relaxed and non-judgemental i hope it stay that way here :) October 27nd, 2013 what do people think about the video room? i've seen people complaining about it, and also taking that out on the real girls on the site. i would hope that people can accept that ewhore guys, and just regular guys like showing videos of girls, and that while it is cool to call it out when a video is played in a regular room, it's not cool to assume that every girl on the site is a video. October 22nd, 2013 every chat site with a currency system is basically an online strip joint, and, it is about as much fun with models and payments, there is no genuine sexual energy here, you get actual interaction and a multiplier effect with several people at once anyway, there is now a facebook send button on the room pages, and a like button on the homepage, for October 21th, 2013 fascinated today by the fact that our blackberry playbook users seem to really like the site and spend more time in rooms than desktop/laptop users i'm guessing that the playbook is kind of the ultimate cybersex device if you can get one... but i don't have one - not sure if it runs skype October 19th, 2013 big outage in sweden today, we had to move the site and go to just one page and only the nude room for a few hours... so yeah, only the nude room was available... sorry everyone... as of 0900UTC we are back up and running all rooms normally room counts so, if you are wondering how the room counts work... we check the number of streams to each room once a minute... we show them on the home page, which only updates every 5 minutes we show them in real time on all other pages, so any time the number updates you will see the change happen, for example when a chat room gets busy it takes a couple of minutes to start showing a big number