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Oct 13, 2015
hi... and thanks for stopping by
starting this over again
have fun, be cool
Nov 1, 2015
Added a new partner,, check out their hot content from the links on the pissing page.
Exciting news for ipad and iphone users. Puffin browser now lets you cam from 
your mobile or tablet! Details in your app store for your device.
Nov 28, 2015
Just looking at the stats, and 13% of new visitors to the site are women, and they actually
have a longer time on the site than new men. So, women are looking for fun, and are sometimes
finding it here. We are also seeing more Puffin users on iphones and that's great.
Dec 3, 2015
The Types of Users. Additional suggestions for categories welcome...
Cammer: Shows on cam, does not type in the chat.
Cheerleader: Opposite of the Cammer. Only types in the chat, comments on what they see.
Couple: Usually a hetero exhibitionist pair.
Double Streamer: Shows here and on some other site. Inattentive.
E-Whore: Guy showing videos to either excite a room or be annoying.
Leech: Does not chat or cam. Voyeur.
Nymph: Woman that likes to show. Exhibitionist.
Nudist: Guys that just hang out nude. Exhibitionist.
Tranny: Guy in women's clothes. May or may not be post-op.
Troll: Never on cam. Has anger issues. Tries to take down rooms. Doesn't like us, but keeps coming back.
Visitor: Confused, new. Asks the same questions over and over.
Whiner: Complains about the site, keeps coming back, but not a troll.
Dec 9, 2015
Page you are reporting is now sent in the contact form, which should help with underage people.
Dec 30, 2015
A couple of regulars have emailed me about how child porn is becoming more of 
a problem, not less. I want to apologize to you regulars. I'm personally
disturbed and disappointed that this has been happening. The site is for 
anonymous, easy free sex between adults, end of story. It's not for illegal
Effective immediately, any new public room cannot contain words connoting 
or promoting underage content. 
If this is not effective, I will simply disable all listed room creation.
Be cool. Have fun. It's an honor to be able to provide this environment.
Let's respect it and keep it free, fun, and cool.
Jan 9, 2016
Still holding at 13% female, for new visitors. People are gender obsessed aren't they? 
Feb 22, 2016
With anonymity, there will always be a certain amount of abuse. I have had to ban entire IP
blocks in England to keep a certain disturbed individual out of the text chat.
Please notify admin if they get in again. Many trolls are quite determined, but I would
point out that in EVERY case they are only in the text chat, and NEVER in the video chat.
A good self-policy is to be wary of anyone talking a lot, and not showing.
Have fun, be cool.
Apr 4, 2016
Going to start updating this more. Will get you some more stats about m/f ratios.
People seem to be labelling their cams more. 

So, about 15% of new users are women. New people (first timers) stay about 5 minutes on average,
while returning users stay almost 12 minutes (on average).

In any week there are about 10,000 active users of the site (from analytics, we have no logging
or any way to count this ourselves).

Also, haven't had many questions come in, so if you have many, send them to

and I'll try to answer many questions you have.

Have fun.

Apr 10, 2016
Question from last week, why is the same image repeated in the theatres section?
This is what we use if we cannot get a snapshot of the live stream. 
You need to be on cam for at least 3 minutes if you want your pic on the front
page of the website.
There was a bad case of the trolls last week, but they seem to have lost interest.
I know it is hard to keep it in mind, but the two separated communication systems
should be able to be separated in your minds. 
The text, or the video, can sometimes be where you focus. It's very difficult
to troll video, and relatively simple to troll text.

Apr 15, 2016
Updated the broadcast page so there are links to Puffin for first-timers on tablets and phones.
Also, the broadcaster page now shows YOU how many viewers YOU have in real time, 
just like the group rooms... (why did that take so long??).
Have fun...

May 16, 2016
Sorry about the hardware failure, we had to flip to an old version on a European server.
This version did not have software to run the chat, just the video.
Anyway, things are back to normal.

Sept 17, 2016
Hi. Fixed the chat logging. Be cool, have fun.